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Sistas Appliers & Designs... Sistas + Style = PERFECTION

About Us

Just a couple of sistas doing our thing by starting a shop we sell only the best here appliers of all sorts for lips,breats,butt,hands,feet, learning every day about appliers nothing in particular you just have to come find out!

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Hey ya'll Barbie here! I am here to introduce r0sath0rn and rachaeldibello12's New Applier Store Sistas Appliers & Designs also known as S.A.D Now time to answer some questions that you might have! Also stick around towards the end of this post for a little information about your blogger (Barbie)

What is S.A.D? And what does it stand for?

Well you must have not read the little introduction silly! S.A.D is a Applier store that sells a variety of appliers for Boobs, Butt, And much more! Also rachaeldibello12 and her beautiful photography! To answer your other question what does S.A.D stand for I will repeat this only once so pay attention! Sistas Appliers & Designs.

Are the owners of S.A.D actually sisters?


Does S.A.D have a website? but of course :) check us out yea?

I want more do ya'll have a facebook page?

So I guess you wanna know about me well I'm Barbie I've been on Secondlife for while now... I am a blogger for my two fab friends who are the owner of Applier Freaks and S.A.D. I do Graphic Design but it's kinda a side job at the moment. I am still trying to perfect my skills at photoshop. I consider myself to be the nicest SecondLife Barbie out there. My alternate name here in Second life was Pochagi. In reality I am from Odessa,Texas I am half black and half white or biracial as most like to put it. And I am 18 and still in highschool. I graduate this year :))

That's all the facts about me and the end of this post. But this isn't the last of me! stay tuned for more posts!